We believe golfers are athletes. Part of the ability to play golf for longer is getting your body in condition to swing efficiently and reduce the chance of injury; our golf focused fitness training does just that. Golfers of all ages and levels can improve not only their game but their quality of life by training for strength, power, flexibility, speed, balance, and coordination.


TPI physical performance screen

The golf swing is made up of individual body movements, and it is the sum of these movements that produce a good or bad golf shot. This performance screen, used with tour pros around the world, tests each of these required body movements and measures the quality of them.

  • Single, 1 Hour Assessment

  • Full Report and Corrective Workout Plan Included


Power is distance. To have power, you need a combination of strength and speed. This performance screen will measure how your body produces power then break it down further into strength and speed testing.

  • Single, 1 Hour Assessment

  • Full Report and Workout Plan Included


Golf Fitness coaching

A proper golf fitness program will help you learn key movements to the golf swing. By breaking down the movements you're learning through golf instruction and getting in extra repetitions in a controlled environment, you can practice a new motor pattern without the distraction of where the golf ball goes. We combine golf coaching and fitness to make sure you improve in the fastest, most effective way possible within your body's abilities.


Individual Fitness


  • 1 Hour, 1-on-1 Session

  • Personal Workout Plan

Group Fitness


  • 1 Hour Group Session

  • Train with your Team, Foursome, or Fellow Golfer

  • Group session availability can be found on our event calendar; to be posted soon

Team training

  • TPI evaluations of each team member

  • Full report and personal training plans for each

  • We work with coaches to maximize practice time and fitness training

  • Contact us for availability or to learn more

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SuperSpeed Training

SuperSpeed Golf's training system has been tour proven to increase your swing speed, and by increasing swing speed, you increase distance. We employ this same overspeed training program to train your body to swing the club faster.

  • 1/2 hour individual or group session

  • Single session or package available

  • Option to purchase a discounted SuperSpeed Golf System with your session.

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Get your body in peak golfing performance.

Are you ready?