Golf is a complex game. We employ the latest technology and coaching methods taught by the best tour instructors in the game to reduce the learning curve. When golf concepts are clear, concise, and relevant specifically for you, it enhances your learning experience resulting in playing better golf.



  • This gets you started with us. We know every move in a golfer's swing comes from a learned motor pattern or limitations cause the body to protect itself. This assessment combines golf with science by measuring the body's golfing capabilities through a physical assessment followed by swing analysis and instruction.

    • Single, 2 Hour Session

    • Includes the TPI Physical Golf Performance Screen, in-depth swing video analysis with FlightScope, and corrective instruction

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GOLF Instruction

We have one goal; get people playing better golf and playing for a lifetime. There is no such thing as the "perfect" or "textbook" swing. Every golfer is unique in how they learn, and how their body feels, moves and reacts.

What to Expect from our Instruction

  1. We start with an interview about the current state of your game, any physical limitations or injuries you have, and most importantly, the goals you want to achieve with your game.

  2. High-speed video is used to capture your swing with FlightScope providing all the data necessary to evaluate you.

  3. Based on the video and FlightScope analysis, we'll show you how to make immediate improvements using drills and training aids to provide you the proper feedback to make an efficient golf swing.

  4. After the lesson, your swing video and FlightScope data is provided to you along with a summary of key concepts from the session. We can build a plan for your game based on the goals you want to achieve.



  • 1 Hour, 1-on-1 Session

  • Lesson Options

    • Full-swing

    • Short Game

    • Putting

    • Course Management

  • Full-swing lesson included in the Player Assessment Package



  • 1 Hour Group Session

  • Train with your Team, Foursome, or Fellow Golfer

  • Lesson Options

    • Full-swing

    • Short Game

    • Putting

    • Course Management

  • Group session availability can be found on our event calendar; to be posted soon


  • Full-swing, short game, and putting analysis of each team member

  • We work with coaches to maximize practice time

  • Contact us for availability or to learn more

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FlightScope Range Practice

Why guess what you can measure. Our FlightScope XI Tour golf radar will provide you all the data parameters you need to analyze your game including club head speed, ball speed, carry distance, spin, and smash factor. We'll provide you with information explaining each of the metrics to improve your understanding of how this data is used in modern coaching and what it means for your swing.

  • 1 hour individual or group session


digital swing analysis

Today's technology allows us to analyze your swing remotely. Film yourself hitting golf balls from 2 angles, face-on and down the line, using our provided template. Send us the video, and we'll provide you an in-depth voice over analysis of your swing along with corrective drills to practice.

  • This service includes

    • Voice-over swing analysis video with explanation of your swing characteristics

    • Corrective drills to improve your swing

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