In a single lesson with us, you'll see immediate results, but in our years of instruction and research, we've discovered golfers need structured coaching and training in order to make lasting, impactful changes to their game. Depending on your personal goals, we offer programs designed to improve your game. Golf is a complex game, and we'll build you a plan to tackle it.




  • This gets you started with us. We know every move in a golfer's swing comes from a learned motor pattern or limitations cause the body to protect itself. This assessment combines golf with science by measuring the body's golfing capabilities through a physical assessment followed by swing analysis and instruction.

    • Single, 2 Hour Session

    • Includes the TPI Physical Golf Performance Screen, in-depth swing video analysis with FlightScope, and corrective instruction

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  • Train your brain and body for speed. Increase club head speed and distance in 4 weeks.

  • Includes:

    • 8 Sessions, 2 per Week

    • Option to purchase discounted SuperSpeed Golf System

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Subscription programs

We have one goal, get people playing better golf and playing for a lifetime. For a lifetime of learning and improvement, we offer structured programs so you can meet your golfing goals.



Our subscription programs are currently in development to bring you the best instruction to meet your golf goals.

take your game to the next level.

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